Friday, October 10, 2008

Fashion Trends of Paris Fashion Week

Paris fashion week has come and gone. it was a huge occasion filled with glamor and Hollywood stars. Some designers were really impressive to me, others, not so much. I saw many trends similar to those that were shown in New York fashion week, some I wished had not been carried on.

I saw plenty of see through fabrics. I'm so tired of looking at the boobs of these skinny ass models. Its not aesthetically pleasing at all. Also, see through is not at all practical. Who in their right mind would wear a see through shirt or dress the way the models displayed them in fashion week. Its really sick. Its basically the exploitation of women disguised as fashion. The woman's body can be admired in other forms. For heaven's sake designers, leave a little bit to the imagination! Man!

Any who, I did like the creative shoes that were worn by the models in both New York and Paris. John Galliano showed his tribal inspired shoes that were so crazy and cool. In Paris, Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, showed the hottest shoes I have seen on the runway to date. Forget the clothes, those shoes were amazing. I want some! Crazy/cool shoes are a definite trend in Paris and New York.

Another trend I saw on the runways in Paris was loose silhouettes. The dresses the models were wearing were not usually form fitting. The skirts were bunched and so were the blouses. I like the trend.

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