Friday, October 3, 2008

Fashion Trends for 2009

This years New York Fashion week has represented the trends designers hope will catch on for next season. During fashion week I saw a lot of belts, ruffles, metallic. I believe that those trends will be around for next year. However, other trends from previous years will be around for the spring and summer seasons.

Next year there will be a variation of prints. People, especially the young demographic, are not afraid of color and being flashy. Crazy prints are going to turn up everywhere in the next year. Floral print is extremely popular now and probably will remain just as popular in 2009. Anytime I walk into Forever 21 or Express, there is always a manikin dressed in floral print. It helps to create a young look. Youth is something designers these days are going for.

Like I said before, colors are in. However, neutrals are a must have. Eccentric color combinations cannot be paired with another crazy colored piece. The look must be toned down with a neutral unless you want to make a bold statement. The everyday look however, usually incorporates a neutral. Bleached pastel denim will also be popular in 2009. Dark denim will always be around but different color jeans are becoming more and more popular. Most likely these denims will be paired with loose floaty tops.

Key items all women should have this year that will probably be around next year include bomber jackets, metallic, and floral prints. Also, the gladiator heel is very popular recently. I first saw the gladiator heel in Sex in the City the movie and I was like "Yuk! What was she thinking?" but I actually really like them and they seem to be very versatile. They can be paired with a skinny jean or skirt.

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