Friday, September 26, 2008

Ethnic Influences in Apparel Design

Every culture has its own unique fashion. However, as cultures intertwine, so does the fashion. This melting pot that we live in causes for a vast ethnic influence in our fashion here in America. Everywhere you look you can see foreign influences in our fashion even on the runways.

Celebrities are and have been for quite some time, our cultures fashionistas. They have definitely sported trends that have been ethnically influenced. For example, Gwen Stefani, has been known to wear a bindi which is an Indian marriage symbol. Nicole Kidman bought a pair of antique diamond Indian earrings to go with her Galliano gown that she wore to the Oscars. Kurtas have also been pretty popular over the years especially with the neo-hippies.Also, apparently, Donna Karan has attempted to bring back the Nehru jacket. I actually really like them.
Japan has also had a big influence on American fashion. Hello Kitty is pretty popular among girls and young females. As a matter of fact I own a Hello Kitty shirt. Japan is known for it mixing and matching a trend that is trickling down to the U.S. It is now acceptable to wear a menagerie of colors simultaneously. Also, it has been said that Japan started the jean's revival over 10 years ago. ( I didn't realize jeans were ever out.

Latin influences in fashion are found everywhere as well. This is not surprising though because their are so many Latin designers IE...Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta and John Galliano. Their looks sometimes have a Latin feel to them. Donna Karan has also shown some Spanish inspiration in her 2007 line.

Latin, Indian and Japanese cultures have all had an influence on America's fashion, however, there many more fashion trends that have been influences by other cultures not mentioned here. It's great that ethnic trends have made their way to America. Fashion would be boring it weren't transcontinental.

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