Friday, September 19, 2008

New York Fashion Week: The Trends

This years New York Fashion week has shown the world some good and not so good trends.I noticed quite a bit of metallic and floral fabrics. Unfortunately it seems as though designers are anticipating a jumpsuit comeback. Lets hope not. Its sucks to get out of one of those when you really have to pee.
Not all the trends during fashion week were bad. I was mostly impressed and sad that I couldn't afford anything that hit the runway. I did though see some pretty nice jumpsuits, particularly Ana Sui's second look which was a blue, jewel encrusted, crop pant jump suit. The look was nicely accessorized with a intricately beaded arm band and necklace. The jumpsuit phenomena that hit this year's fashion week was accompanied by other trends reminiscent of the 80's decade.
Floral patterns are so popular right now. Floral made a small appearance early in the year but I believe that by the spring every girl will have something floral in their closets. I saw floral everything. Floral skirts, floral dresses, floral shirts of all different colors. It seemed like an entire garden covered the runways this year. Besides the floral fabrics, there was also quite a bit of metallic. There was even metallic pieces adorning the heads of the models. Metallic dresses and skirts are definitely a trend right now. If you are large in the bust area its probably not a smart idea to wear such a shiny fabric because it is known to make large areas look even bigger. However, if you are not so well endowed in the chest area a little bit of metallic may even things out for you. Also, you don't want to over do it. If your planning to wear a metallic skirt, even the look out by wearing a solid top. Looks like metallic and floral are here to stay.

Belts also seem to be a popular trend among designers. Carmen Marc Valvo, Aurelio Costarella, and Peter Som all used belts in several of their looks. Belts are a great accessory and are fantastic for making your waste smaller if position right. Belts are making there way onto everything nowadays. They're not just worn on pants anymore. Belts are now paired with skirts, tops and even evening dresses. Sometimes a belt can create a whole look. I also saw ruffles this time around. You must be careful with ruffles though, they have to be perfectly placed in order not to look over the top, matronly or cheap.
I would have loved to watch the fashions in person but the Internet will have to do, unfortunately. Either way, the trends this year were great! Fashion week gives us all the opportunity to tell what must haves we need in our closets for the spring. Floral and metallic print is great right now, match them with a belt and some ruffles... your a instant fashionista.

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